With the kids soon on holiday, and the vacations approaching, follow these common sense safety tips to make the best of your recreation time during the holiday season:
  • Wash Your Hands – Using soap and water, clean your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds to avoid catching germs.
  • Cover Your Nose – Last thing anyone wants when they have time off is the flu. Make sure if you sneeze that you cover your mouth and nose to avoid spreading germs. Even if your cold seems trivial, it can become worse in someone who catches it.
  • Avoid Stress – The one thing about the holiday season is that routine often goes out the window. We have kids around, visiting relatives and social events to prepare. Any one of these can significantly increase the stress you experience, and, imagine if you have all 3 at once! Your stress levels can go through the roof. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep, and, BE BALANCED in what you intend to do with each parcel of time.
  • Health Check Ups and Vaccinations – Are you going away? Get a check up from your G.P. and ask what vaccinations are required in the destination you intend to travel to.
  • Exercise – Since most people eat WAY more than normal during the holiday season, it is important to schedule regular time for exercise. If your schedule is jam packed, try early in the morning when you have the invaluable alone time periods.
Follow these 5 tips and you may well survive the holiday period. At the very least your health will make you a nicer person to be around!

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