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Monday, 12 December 2016

How To Treat Sunburn Naturally!

How To Treat Sunburn Naturally!

Cold Water – Dip a cloth in cold water and apply to the burn several times a day for between 10 and 15 minutes, this should relieve the inflammation
Witch Hazel – Dip a cloth in witch hazel and apply to burn areas. It has a reputed anti-inflammatory effect.
Oatmeal – Wrap dry oatmeal in a piece of gauze. Run cool water through it. Discard the oatmeal and soak compresses in the liquid. Apply every couple of hours or until relief is achieved.
Yogurt – Apply yogurt to areas that are burned. Rinse off then pat dry.
Tea bags – For sunburned eyelids, dip tea bags in cool water and press to the eyes. The tannic acid in the tea bags is reputed to relieve the pain from burns.
As with all remedies, work out what is best for you. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients, and, if symptoms persist, see a doctor. For more tips visit

Friday, 2 December 2016

5 Holiday Safety Tips

5 Holiday Safety Tips



With the kids soon on holiday, and the vacations approaching, follow these common sense safety tips to make the best of your recreation time during the holiday season:
  • Wash Your Hands – Using soap and water, clean your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds to avoid catching germs.
  • Cover Your Nose – Last thing anyone wants when they have time off is the flu. Make sure if you sneeze that you cover your mouth and nose to avoid spreading germs. Even if your cold seems trivial, it can become worse in someone who catches it.
  • Avoid Stress – The one thing about the holiday season is that routine often goes out the window. We have kids around, visiting relatives and social events to prepare. Any one of these can significantly increase the stress you experience, and, imagine if you have all 3 at once! Your stress levels can go through the roof. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep, and, BE BALANCED in what you intend to do with each parcel of time.
  • Health Check Ups and Vaccinations – Are you going away? Get a check up from your G.P. and ask what vaccinations are required in the destination you intend to travel to.
  • Exercise – Since most people eat WAY more than normal during the holiday season, it is important to schedule regular time for exercise. If your schedule is jam packed, try early in the morning when you have the invaluable alone time periods.
Follow these 5 tips and you may well survive the holiday period. At the very least your health will make you a nicer person to be around!

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Commercial Window Cleaning Tips and Tool Advice From Melbourne Window Cleaners

So, you want to clean your commercial windows. What difference is there between your commercial and your domestic window cleaning needs? Firstly, consider the equipment you’ll need:
  • Normal tools: bucket, squeegee, applicator, scraper, detergent.
  • Height related tools: extension pole, ladder(plus extra man for Health and Safety concerns)
  • Water fed pole with Pure Water Technology(for display showroom glass and higher, difficult to access areas)
  • Abseiling gear and ‘B.M.U'(Building Maintenance Unit experience and tickets)
  • Bollards or ‘Slippery when wet’ signs(To prevent costly litigation)
  • Mop or other water soaking equipment(to stop slippery, dangerous mess being left)
Most of this equipment is relatively inexpensive with the exception of Water Fed Poles, Ladders etc.
But, is there any difference in cleaning techniques? Aside from using Pure Water Fed Poles, the techniques are similar. However, with commercial cleaning requirements, the publics’ proximity to the work area becomes a major consideration, hence the need for the safety signs as mentioned above.
Cleaning showrooms will often involve larger areas or glass and higher reach requirements than generally found in domestic window cleaning situations. This fact may alter the type of detergent that is required. A lower foam, professional cleaning solution may be necessary if longer times are required between soaping and squeegeeing. Since all water applied to the glass will likely start evaporating before the squeegee can be applied, having less foamy detergent will mean less ‘smokey’ haze will be left on the glass.
Another consideration are the displays around the worksite. Car showrooms, shops and warehouses are likely packed wall to wall with displays. This means that there will be less room for maneuvering to clean, and, will increase the chances of costly damage to merchandise. In this situation, having the another worker as an extra set of eyes can mean the difference between making a profit on the job and incurring a large debt due to damages incurred.
Clearly, commercial window cleaning has many more considerations than domestic window cleaning and should only be handled by experienced professionals such as Housewindowcleaning. Call us today to get the job done right, first time, every time!

5 Tips For A Healthy Family

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Monday, 14 November 2016

How To Remove Oil Stains From A Driveway

Now, before we begin, I don't know of ANY foolproof way that works every time. However, some methods work on some problems.

The first thing to do is buy some cheap kitty litter. Now, I don't say cheap kitty litter because I don't want to spend money, the cheap litter is because the cheaper brands are reportedly the better ones at getting the job done.

Secondly, pour the litter over the oil stains and crush into the stain by crushing it with your feet.

After doing this, leave the litter to absorb the oil. For smaller stains it can be left for as little as 15 minutes, for larger stains, leave overnight.

When finished, sweep away the litter and discard. The next step involves scrubbing in a strong detergent over the area. There should be some overlap from the stain to the surrounding concrete, this is to minimize the difference between the cleaned area and the surrounding concrete. Now, give the area a real stiff brush.

After this, wash away the detergent and see if it requires further treatment. If it does, repeat the process. Some stains simply are too ingrained, however, this method reportedly works better than most. So, can you remember the ingredients to success?
1/ Cheap kitty litter
2/ Detergent
3/ Brush
4/ Elbow grease(not available in shops!)

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Freshen Up Your Mattress With This Easy Tip….

Freshen Up Your Mattress With This Easy Tip….



Window cleaning Melbourne is committed to providing suggestions to keep your home clean and your family healthy. Therefore, consider the following tip for ageing mattresses.

The first thing to do is remove all bedding etc from the bed. You want the mattress fully exposed. A further suggestion can be to pop the mattress in the sun, since the fresh air will help, and, the sun is reported to have a detrimental effect on nasty crawlies.

Once the mattress is exposed, gently spread between half a box and a whole box of baking soda on the mattress. Allow the baking soda to stay there for between 1-2 hours and then vacuum off.
The baking soda is effective at absorbing the musty smells that permeate the mattress, and, once vacuumed off, the smells should diminish or disappear.

Whilst there are many more expensive ways of cleaning mattresses, this cheap tip might save many more dollars for the family budget.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Family Health


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4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Family Health

Keeping Bugs Out Of The Home Can Seem To Be A Full Time Job, Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help You Get On Top Of The Task:

Melbourne window cleaning


When was the last time you cleaned your phone? Think of all the bacteria that it’s collected since then. It’s a good idea to wipe it down with small screen-cleaning wipes at least once a week, if not more, especially during cold season.

Garbage Bins

Uncleaned garbage bins are a sanctuary for germs. When was the last time you cleaned yours? Try a mixture of hot water and disinfectant. This is one of the more obvious but most often overlooked health hurdles in the home. Oh, and don’t forget to pop on the rubber gloves!


Easily, handles, knobs and pulls for any door is one of the fastest ways a cold can spread through a household. Wipe down any doorknobs and handles in your home at least once a week with a disinfectant, or hand sanitizer. This becomes even more important when someone in the house is sick.

The Sink

Although the kitchen is the social centre of the home, it can also be one of the biggest dangers to family health. The biggest culprit is often scourer sponges and cleaning cloths. These should not be used for more than a couple of turns as they harbour all sort of nasties! Also, consider disinfecting your sink and knobs, to prevent the spread of germs onto clean dishes.

Spring is traditionally the time for cleaning, hence the term “spring cleaning”. However, these tips are vital for family health at any time of year. Window Cleaning Melbourne is proud to help you keep your family healthy!

Friday, 4 November 2016

2 Household Antiseptic Ingredients To Safeguard Your Family

In trying to keep our families safe from bugs, we often resort to chemically based disinfectants. Are there natural,or, less dangerous alternatives? Consider the following 2 suggestions, do your due diligence and you may have possibly found the answer to combining family health and household chemical reduction:

Try Vinegar

Because of its’ acidic nature, vinegar kills some germs and microbes and inhibits their growth – if it didn’t, it would not be used to preserve foods like pickles. To make a sanitizing spray from white or apple cider vinegar, mix 1/4 – 1/2 cup vinegar per cup of water. Some additional ingredients can include some essential oil of bergamot, orange, or lemon to this solution which will make it smell good and also to increase its’ antibacterial properties (bergamot is a citrus fruit and all citrus fruits have disinfectant qualities).

Hydrogen peroxide(Often found in supermarkets)

A 1996 study claims that hydrogen peroxide, when combined with an equal amount of vinegar, is a potent bacteria killer. Salmonella, shigella and e-coli were all neutralised by this solution. You can also spray hydrogen peroxide directly onto countertops, or mix it with an equal amount of water. However, keep the bottle out of reach of children, if ingested it can be quite dangerous.
As with all suggestions, determine if these solutions are right for you, your family, and, their health. Window cleaning Melbourne values safe and happy homes!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why Windex and A Wipe Won’t Keep Your Windows Clean

Take a look at this shower screen. Now, admittedly, I forgot to put the fan on. However, in so doing, a vital truth for home cleanliness and health became apparent.

The swirl marks you might be able to make out on the glass is  condensation on the wipe markes that were left when my wife cleaned it. The different concentrations of fluid and chemicals that were left after ‘cleaning’ are not apparent normally, the glass looks clean. However, introduce steam and something becomes clear, there are differing amounts of residue left on the glass after wiping it, leaving bacteria and other matters where they were found.

This has implications for your and your family’s health. Wiping glass with windex or other cleaners and a cloth can make your glass look clean, however, it won’t be clean, at least not hygienically clean.
In other words, if you have a rental inspection or the in-laws are visiting, a quick wipe is in order. However, if you want a clean place were sickness and other issues are less likely, a proper window cleaner such as Housewindowcleaning is a must.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

5 Of The Most Dangerous Household Chemicals – What Are They?

Window cleaning Melbourne values family health. Please take time to read a few of the dangers found in common household chemicals. If poisoning occurs, call emergency services immediately:

Commonly Known as:     Laundry detergent
Contains: Cationic, anionic, or non- ionic solutions
Results in:   cationic detergents can cause nausea, vomiting, shock, convulsions, and coma. Non-ionic detergents can irritate skin and eyes

Commonly Known as:   All-purpose cleaners

Contains:  Ammonia

Results in:  Fumes can irritate eyes and lungs; can cause burns or rashes on skin; can produce deadly chloramine gas if mixed with chlorine containing products

Commonly Known as:   Insecticides

Contains:  Organophosphates and carbamates

Results in: Can cause headache, dizziness, twitching, nausea; shown to cause cancer in animals

Commonly Known as:   Dishwashing detergents

Contains:  Cationic, anionic, or non- ionic solutions plus phosphates (automatic dishwasher detergents)

Results in:   Automatic products can cause skin irritation or burns; hand dishwashing products are milder, though can cause irritation to mouth, throat, and GI tract

Commonly Known as:  Oven cleaners

Contains:  Lye (consisting of either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide)
Results in:  Extremely corrosive, burns skin and eyes; can be fatal if swallowed; aerosols disperse chemicals, increasing inhalation dangers

Whilst not all of the above will contain the items described, many can and do. Due diligence is required when purchasing these products and leaving within access to other family members.
Window Cleaning Techniques For Homeowners

So, you want to clean your own windows, or, you want to keep them clean in between visits from the window cleaner, what will be your ingredients of success?

Choose An Appropriate Day

A cloudy day is best.Why? Having the sun on your windows will cause them to dry before you can finish cleaning them. However, you won't want a rainy day, because it will be near impossible to remove streaks or wipe around the frames of the windows without leaving smudges.

Have the right gear

So, what will you need to succeed? Firstly, locate your nearest hardware store. In Melbourne, Bunnings or similar stores can provide what you need.
  • A window cleaning bucket,($9 up)
  • Squeegee ($20 up), don't go for the cheap plastic versions
  • An applicator($10-15), preferably a microfiber sleeve over the T-bar frame
  • Detergent($2-$5), any good strength dish washing detergent
  • A non-scratch scourer($3-4)
  • An extension pole or step ladder ($50-$100)
  • Towels, preferably lint or fluff free
Create A Stress Free Environment

If the wife or children can't contribute meaningfully, pack them off to the shops, or the relatives place. Non professionals will likely take a fair while to do the job, the last thing you want is well meaning family members messing up your work or asking for constant explanations as to what you are doing.

Review Your Technique

Technique is not to hard at first. Place some detergent in the bucket with warm water, then apply the water to the glass, scrubbing off all dirt. Remember to place towels over nearby carpet or furniture. Now comes the time to review your technique. Squeegee technique comes down to either a reverse S shape motion, or straight strokes either down or across on the glass. To increase confidence, review "window cleaning technique" videos on youtube or other video sharing platforms.

Now, it's time to get on with it! However, we recommend saving stress by calling Housewindowcleaning to do the job better and more quickly.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Child Friendly Window Cleaning Spray - Here's How!

 This piece is taken from the housewindowcleaning blog:

Many parents steer away from harsh chemicals in the home because of the health of their children.
Whilst almost anything can be dangerous if misused, it's a fact that chemicals can often be harsher on health than naturally based products. Window Cleaning Melbourne is proud to offer the following recipe for window cleaning spray solution. Please decide if this is appropriate and safe for your family:

Many people who are fanatical adherents to eco-cleaning love vinegar and water as a window cleaning solution. So, how can you use it?

Mix 3 tablespoons vinegar with 2 cups of water (or for a bigger job – 1/2 cup vinegar to 4 litres of  water) and spray right on your windows. Whilst vinegar works well on windows, many can't put up with its' smell, so here is an alternative.

Use straight fresh lemon juice or club soda to windows and glass items gleam. Spray your glass with club soda and scrub with dry lint-free cloths such as surgical cloths, or, nappies.
A Spray bottle can be purchased from many supermarkets for only a dollar or two. Put your solution in the bottle and keep handy. Of course it may not keep as long as a preservative filled chemical concoction, and, it may not have the caustic cleaning power of the artificial options, but, it will do the job to a good standard, and, more importantly, be less likely to damage those whom you love.
As with all window cleaning, call Housewindowcleaning for a professional alternative that is fast and reasonably priced.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How often should you clean your windows?

How often should you clean your windows?


Cleaning windows takes time. And, because of this, it does cost money. So how often should you get your windows cleaned? Firstly let’s look at commercial window cleaning requirements:
Commercial Properties
  • Shops – Due to traffic and window shopping hand prints, shops generally need cleaning once a week, at worst, at least every 2 weeks
  • Showrooms – Often this depends on local weather conditions, however, to showcase products cleaning at least once a month is a must.
  • Offices – Since offices generally don’t showcase products, most offices can get away with a thorough clean once a month, or, every couple of months provided that “spot” cleaning of entrance ways is done regularly.
Residential Properties
  • Beach side properties – Because of salt spray, beach side properties should be cleaned at least monthly, and, at the very least, on the outsides. Insides can be cleaned every 2nd or 3rd time since salt spray will not affect them as much.
  • Busy road homes – In a similar way, homes by busy roads need regular cleaning due to pollutants and other factors. At the very least, outside windows should be cleaned every 1-3 months depending on traffic flow.
  • Suburban homes – Depending on budget, most suburban homes can afford to wait 3 – 6 months for a good clean. However, some customers wait for an annual clean, however, it has to be remembered that the windows won’t look pristine if they have to wait a year to be cleaned.
Oftentimes, people who clean their own windows will leave the cleaning for longer than the recommended period. This is often because “D.I.Y” window cleaning takes a long time to do. It’s far better to hire professionals such as housewindowcleaning to maximize the value and appearance of your home or investment.

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Pro-Like Window Cleaning You Can Do Yourself

Pro-Like Window Cleaning You Can Do Yourself



Ideally, windows should be washed twice a year, but it can be a lengthy, tedious task. One of the things that makes it so hard is that old-wives tales have led people to use scruntched-up paper towels or newspaper, windex, and a ton of hard work.
Rubbing windows over and over again is not a smart idea because all that’s achieved is moving dirt from one spot to another and applying a static charge on the glass, which attracts dust and dirt. Before you know it, the window looks terrible again.

Wash with an applicator (Large Window)

Melbourne Window Cleaning
Large windows call for large tools. The long microfibre head of an applicator soaks up a lot of soapy water and removes most dirt without scratching the glass. For a window cleaning solution, we recommend using
just a squirt of dishwashing liquid such as Morning Fresh in a bucket of warm water—the less suds, the better.

Wipe water off with a squeegee (Large Window)

Large Window Cleaning Melbourne
In a reverse-S pattern (left-handers do the opposite) starting at the top left, pull the squeegee over the soapy pane. At the end of each movement, wipe the squeegee’s blade clean with a lint-free rag such as surgical towels or lint free nappies.

Dry off frames (Larger Window)

In order to prevent runs of water on the glass, it is important to wipe around the frames with a DRY rag. The rag must be dry so that no smudgy marks are left. A separate, general-use towel should be used to wipe spills and the sills.

Make a smaller squeegee (Colonial Windows)

Window Cleaning Melbourne
To clean a colonial window, you’ll need a squeegee that fits the panes. We recommend using a hacksaw to cut one to size. Trim the metal channel ¼ inch narrower than the window pane, then use a metal file to make the edges smooth. With a Stanley knife, cut the rubber blade to the pane’s full width and fit it into the channel so that it protrudes slightly at each end.

Scrub each pane (Colonial Windows)

A non-scratch sponge works best on multipane windows. Using the same solution of a squirt of detergent in water, rub each pane thoroughly, paying careful attention to the corners.

Remove suds with a squeegee (Colonial Windows)

Pull the squeegee down each of the little glass panes in a single stroke from top to bottom. After each movement, wipe the squeegee blade so that it doesn’t leave streaks. After completing, again wipe around the edges with a dry lint free cloth. Work the panes from top to bottom, any other order can leave runs from the higher glass when they are cleaned.
At Housewindowcleaning, we do many of these jobs, because, frankly, they are extremely time consuming and difficult tasks. Contact or Call us today to have the job done more quickly and efficiently.
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Monday, 24 October 2016

How to keep your children safe with clean windows

Keep Your Children Safe With Clean Windows

How to keep your children safe with clean windows

At Window Cleaning Melbourne, we love children because we have our own, and their health is one of our top concerns. So, how do clean windows keep your children healthy?

Most family homes have exremely dirty lower windows. Swirls of hand and mouth prints on the glass are an inconvenient but common sign of children’s play areas.

Unfortunately, most of the muck comes from grubby hands, food smears and saliva. All of these contain large amounts of bacteria, or germs.

If the windows are left unclean, children will almost certainly revisit their last mess and put their hands, mouths and bodies in contact with these germs, exposing them to sickness.
The solution is to keep the windows clean. So, you book an excellent window cleaner, but what then? He may come every 3 or 6 months, inbetween those times, how can you keep your windows clean?
When the windows are cleaned properly, any muck goes onto a clean surface. When this happens, simply use a good antibacterial glass cleaner to wipe the area clean. Whilst this is not a solution that can be used indefinitely, it will keep your glass clean, and, your family healthy, until your window cleaners’ next scheduled visit.

So, getting a good regular window cleaning service, allied with spot cleans inbetween, is an excellent way to keep your glass shining, and, your family healthy!

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

3 Cleaning Tips For A Growing Family

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 3 Cleaning Tips For A Growing Family

Families are your greatest investment. Anyone who knows children knows that the slightest knock or breeze can bring on a sickness that would finish off us adults. So, how can we keep our families healthy? Consider the following tips:

*Tip 1/ Rinse your plates - If you enjoy porridge or other sticky meals, your workload will be cut down massively if you rinse your plates before placing in the sink. When the food dries, it sticks, and, takes a real scrub for an extended period to remove. Rinsing the plates after use cuts down alot of the work as it prevents it "glueing" to the plate.

*Tip 2/ Open the bedroom windows a fraction - If you get black mold on your windows in the bedroom, this is likely because of condensation from breathing at night. Opening the window enough to allow circulation of air will prevent cleaning later on.

*Tip 3/ Cleaning a microwave - Put a cup of water in the microwave on high for a few minutes will prevent stuck on food becoming a permanent fixture. The steam will loosen the food, making it much easier to clean.

We'll be back with more cleaning tips soon. For more help now, visit our blog!

Friday, 21 October 2016

How to Choose a cleaner


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How to Choose a Window Cleaning Organization

Choosing the proper window cleaning company may be stressed out and also everyone knows it. Make sure you compare various price ranges, insurance plans, secret clauses and so on and so on.
Therefore ,our experienced Window Cleaning organization made it simpler for you and made this remarkably very helpful guide about how to select a window cleaning organisation by yourself.

The way to select a Window Clean-up Business Web Site

As expected, there is certainly a mountain of web sites to select from when you begin searching for the perfect company. Particularly, when you live in a huge city like Melbourne. It also causes it to much easier for frauds to take full advantage of you. The right solution to take care of yourself is always to get knowledgeable.
Search for web sites with more than a single webpage. When there is a web-site that provides services and has just one web page, it’s most possibly a fraud.
Find web sites with simple navigation. Messy web sites and web pages with harder readability are probably owned by a legitimate company, however generally that is a indication of poor advertisement and disgraceful campaign. Also, it’s possible the company has turn off so they simply just left the website hanging. You don’t have to spend time with this.
Be aware of websites that provide several contact availability . A responsible and effective window cleaning service will make it easy for their clients to communicate in many ways . If somebody only offers a telephone and absolutely nothing else, they lack professionalism and reliability. For example, Fabulous Window Cleaners offers contacts by telephone, e-mail address, scheduling method and chat function.
Note when they have social media pages. Nowadays, it’s not possible to perform an organization without no less than one social media marketing page. The icons give a feeling of safety. Also, you can follow the company’s work on social media to make sure they are a good idea.
Find out the website on mobile phone. Since the amount of persons browsing the internet on phones increases, almost all experienced organizations always make sure their website is quickly accessed on a mobile phone device. If the website is more comfortable to operate on your phone, this is the providers you might need.

Choosing a Window Cleaning Service

As soon as you set up your eyes on at least just a few professional looking web sites, it’s time for it to search the most important information. This certainly will narrow the circle for you.
Check if they are offering insurance.
See that if and when they list advantages.
Can they provide satisfaction guarantees?
Are there extra services?
Can there be a lot of information?
Are there photographs?
Are there testimonials?
And finally, you should have been left with a number of experienced and dependable looking organizations. Right now is the best time to communicate with a team member and speak about your unique case in order to make sure they can provide you a customized service.
In the process, you may have much more questions, don’t hesitate to check with them everything. You may also evaluate the way the contact center representative operates with you. And, this is how to select a window cleaner. We wish you good luck in your search.

How to remove cigarette smoke from glass


This article was originally published here:

Nothing is more yucky than the yellow stain of cigarette smoke on glass, but how do you get rid of it?
Whilst most window cleaners will use Morning Fresh, Palmolive or window cleaning concentrate, the results are poor and take a long time to achieve, resulting in higher costs to the customer.
With true window cleaning professionals, such as our window cleaning service, the results are easy to achieve, and I will tell you how to achieve the same results that we do.
Firstly, you will need the correct tools. What are they? A Bucket, window cleaning applicator and a really good squeegee. In addition, have handy a non-scratch scourer and towel. Without these tools, the job will take longer and the results will be less effective.
Place your tools in the bucket and fill with warm water.
Now, here is the difference between success and failure. Place a capful of COLD POWER laundry detergent in the water and agitate the water until dissolved.
It does not matter if the water foams or not, as long as it is dissolved in the water. Now, place the applicator on the glass, scrubbing the area thoroughly. If the smoke is really bad, you can add some additional dish washing detergent to the microfibre skin of the applicator. The yellow gunge should begin dissolving immediately. It may be necessary to use a non-scratch scourer on tough to remove places, however, check to make sure that no window tinting or other delicate surfaces will be scratched by the scourer.
Now, squeegee off the water, and, voila! the windows should be clear as new. Simply use a towel to wipe around the edges and prevent drips or runs.
This process, whilst simple, can be more easily done by calling professionals such as us. However, if you want to clean smoky windows yourself, this technique will clear up your pane!

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