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Friday, 4 November 2016

2 Household Antiseptic Ingredients To Safeguard Your Family

In trying to keep our families safe from bugs, we often resort to chemically based disinfectants. Are there natural,or, less dangerous alternatives? Consider the following 2 suggestions, do your due diligence and you may have possibly found the answer to combining family health and household chemical reduction:

Try Vinegar

Because of its’ acidic nature, vinegar kills some germs and microbes and inhibits their growth – if it didn’t, it would not be used to preserve foods like pickles. To make a sanitizing spray from white or apple cider vinegar, mix 1/4 – 1/2 cup vinegar per cup of water. Some additional ingredients can include some essential oil of bergamot, orange, or lemon to this solution which will make it smell good and also to increase its’ antibacterial properties (bergamot is a citrus fruit and all citrus fruits have disinfectant qualities).

Hydrogen peroxide(Often found in supermarkets)

A 1996 study claims that hydrogen peroxide, when combined with an equal amount of vinegar, is a potent bacteria killer. Salmonella, shigella and e-coli were all neutralised by this solution. You can also spray hydrogen peroxide directly onto countertops, or mix it with an equal amount of water. However, keep the bottle out of reach of children, if ingested it can be quite dangerous.
As with all suggestions, determine if these solutions are right for you, your family, and, their health. Window cleaning Melbourne values safe and happy homes!

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