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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Commercial Window Cleaning Tips and Tool Advice From Melbourne Window Cleaners

So, you want to clean your commercial windows. What difference is there between your commercial and your domestic window cleaning needs? Firstly, consider the equipment you’ll need:
  • Normal tools: bucket, squeegee, applicator, scraper, detergent.
  • Height related tools: extension pole, ladder(plus extra man for Health and Safety concerns)
  • Water fed pole with Pure Water Technology(for display showroom glass and higher, difficult to access areas)
  • Abseiling gear and ‘B.M.U'(Building Maintenance Unit experience and tickets)
  • Bollards or ‘Slippery when wet’ signs(To prevent costly litigation)
  • Mop or other water soaking equipment(to stop slippery, dangerous mess being left)
Most of this equipment is relatively inexpensive with the exception of Water Fed Poles, Ladders etc.
But, is there any difference in cleaning techniques? Aside from using Pure Water Fed Poles, the techniques are similar. However, with commercial cleaning requirements, the publics’ proximity to the work area becomes a major consideration, hence the need for the safety signs as mentioned above.
Cleaning showrooms will often involve larger areas or glass and higher reach requirements than generally found in domestic window cleaning situations. This fact may alter the type of detergent that is required. A lower foam, professional cleaning solution may be necessary if longer times are required between soaping and squeegeeing. Since all water applied to the glass will likely start evaporating before the squeegee can be applied, having less foamy detergent will mean less ‘smokey’ haze will be left on the glass.
Another consideration are the displays around the worksite. Car showrooms, shops and warehouses are likely packed wall to wall with displays. This means that there will be less room for maneuvering to clean, and, will increase the chances of costly damage to merchandise. In this situation, having the another worker as an extra set of eyes can mean the difference between making a profit on the job and incurring a large debt due to damages incurred.
Clearly, commercial window cleaning has many more considerations than domestic window cleaning and should only be handled by experienced professionals such as Housewindowcleaning. Call us today to get the job done right, first time, every time!

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