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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why Windex and A Wipe Won’t Keep Your Windows Clean

Take a look at this shower screen. Now, admittedly, I forgot to put the fan on. However, in so doing, a vital truth for home cleanliness and health became apparent.

The swirl marks you might be able to make out on the glass is  condensation on the wipe markes that were left when my wife cleaned it. The different concentrations of fluid and chemicals that were left after ‘cleaning’ are not apparent normally, the glass looks clean. However, introduce steam and something becomes clear, there are differing amounts of residue left on the glass after wiping it, leaving bacteria and other matters where they were found.

This has implications for your and your family’s health. Wiping glass with windex or other cleaners and a cloth can make your glass look clean, however, it won’t be clean, at least not hygienically clean.
In other words, if you have a rental inspection or the in-laws are visiting, a quick wipe is in order. However, if you want a clean place were sickness and other issues are less likely, a proper window cleaner such as Housewindowcleaning is a must.

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