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Saturday, 22 October 2016

3 Cleaning Tips For A Growing Family

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 3 Cleaning Tips For A Growing Family

Families are your greatest investment. Anyone who knows children knows that the slightest knock or breeze can bring on a sickness that would finish off us adults. So, how can we keep our families healthy? Consider the following tips:

*Tip 1/ Rinse your plates - If you enjoy porridge or other sticky meals, your workload will be cut down massively if you rinse your plates before placing in the sink. When the food dries, it sticks, and, takes a real scrub for an extended period to remove. Rinsing the plates after use cuts down alot of the work as it prevents it "glueing" to the plate.

*Tip 2/ Open the bedroom windows a fraction - If you get black mold on your windows in the bedroom, this is likely because of condensation from breathing at night. Opening the window enough to allow circulation of air will prevent cleaning later on.

*Tip 3/ Cleaning a microwave - Put a cup of water in the microwave on high for a few minutes will prevent stuck on food becoming a permanent fixture. The steam will loosen the food, making it much easier to clean.

We'll be back with more cleaning tips soon. For more help now, visit our blog!

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