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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Window Cleaning Techniques For Homeowners

So, you want to clean your own windows, or, you want to keep them clean in between visits from the window cleaner, what will be your ingredients of success?

Choose An Appropriate Day

A cloudy day is best.Why? Having the sun on your windows will cause them to dry before you can finish cleaning them. However, you won't want a rainy day, because it will be near impossible to remove streaks or wipe around the frames of the windows without leaving smudges.

Have the right gear

So, what will you need to succeed? Firstly, locate your nearest hardware store. In Melbourne, Bunnings or similar stores can provide what you need.
  • A window cleaning bucket,($9 up)
  • Squeegee ($20 up), don't go for the cheap plastic versions
  • An applicator($10-15), preferably a microfiber sleeve over the T-bar frame
  • Detergent($2-$5), any good strength dish washing detergent
  • A non-scratch scourer($3-4)
  • An extension pole or step ladder ($50-$100)
  • Towels, preferably lint or fluff free
Create A Stress Free Environment

If the wife or children can't contribute meaningfully, pack them off to the shops, or the relatives place. Non professionals will likely take a fair while to do the job, the last thing you want is well meaning family members messing up your work or asking for constant explanations as to what you are doing.

Review Your Technique

Technique is not to hard at first. Place some detergent in the bucket with warm water, then apply the water to the glass, scrubbing off all dirt. Remember to place towels over nearby carpet or furniture. Now comes the time to review your technique. Squeegee technique comes down to either a reverse S shape motion, or straight strokes either down or across on the glass. To increase confidence, review "window cleaning technique" videos on youtube or other video sharing platforms.

Now, it's time to get on with it! However, we recommend saving stress by calling Housewindowcleaning to do the job better and more quickly.

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