Nothing is more yucky than the yellow stain of cigarette smoke on glass, but how do you get rid of it?
Whilst most window cleaners will use Morning Fresh, Palmolive or window cleaning concentrate, the results are poor and take a long time to achieve, resulting in higher costs to the customer.
With true window cleaning professionals, such as our window cleaning service, the results are easy to achieve, and I will tell you how to achieve the same results that we do.
Firstly, you will need the correct tools. What are they? A Bucket, window cleaning applicator and a really good squeegee. In addition, have handy a non-scratch scourer and towel. Without these tools, the job will take longer and the results will be less effective.
Place your tools in the bucket and fill with warm water.
Now, here is the difference between success and failure. Place a capful of COLD POWER laundry detergent in the water and agitate the water until dissolved.
It does not matter if the water foams or not, as long as it is dissolved in the water. Now, place the applicator on the glass, scrubbing the area thoroughly. If the smoke is really bad, you can add some additional dish washing detergent to the microfibre skin of the applicator. The yellow gunge should begin dissolving immediately. It may be necessary to use a non-scratch scourer on tough to remove places, however, check to make sure that no window tinting or other delicate surfaces will be scratched by the scourer.
Now, squeegee off the water, and, voila! the windows should be clear as new. Simply use a towel to wipe around the edges and prevent drips or runs.
This process, whilst simple, can be more easily done by calling professionals such as us. However, if you want to clean smoky windows yourself, this technique will clear up your pane!

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