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Monday, 24 October 2016

How to keep your children safe with clean windows

Keep Your Children Safe With Clean Windows

How to keep your children safe with clean windows

At Window Cleaning Melbourne, we love children because we have our own, and their health is one of our top concerns. So, how do clean windows keep your children healthy?

Most family homes have exremely dirty lower windows. Swirls of hand and mouth prints on the glass are an inconvenient but common sign of children’s play areas.

Unfortunately, most of the muck comes from grubby hands, food smears and saliva. All of these contain large amounts of bacteria, or germs.

If the windows are left unclean, children will almost certainly revisit their last mess and put their hands, mouths and bodies in contact with these germs, exposing them to sickness.
The solution is to keep the windows clean. So, you book an excellent window cleaner, but what then? He may come every 3 or 6 months, inbetween those times, how can you keep your windows clean?
When the windows are cleaned properly, any muck goes onto a clean surface. When this happens, simply use a good antibacterial glass cleaner to wipe the area clean. Whilst this is not a solution that can be used indefinitely, it will keep your glass clean, and, your family healthy, until your window cleaners’ next scheduled visit.

So, getting a good regular window cleaning service, allied with spot cleans inbetween, is an excellent way to keep your glass shining, and, your family healthy!

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