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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How often should you clean your windows?

How often should you clean your windows?


Cleaning windows takes time. And, because of this, it does cost money. So how often should you get your windows cleaned? Firstly let’s look at commercial window cleaning requirements:
Commercial Properties
  • Shops – Due to traffic and window shopping hand prints, shops generally need cleaning once a week, at worst, at least every 2 weeks
  • Showrooms – Often this depends on local weather conditions, however, to showcase products cleaning at least once a month is a must.
  • Offices – Since offices generally don’t showcase products, most offices can get away with a thorough clean once a month, or, every couple of months provided that “spot” cleaning of entrance ways is done regularly.
Residential Properties
  • Beach side properties – Because of salt spray, beach side properties should be cleaned at least monthly, and, at the very least, on the outsides. Insides can be cleaned every 2nd or 3rd time since salt spray will not affect them as much.
  • Busy road homes – In a similar way, homes by busy roads need regular cleaning due to pollutants and other factors. At the very least, outside windows should be cleaned every 1-3 months depending on traffic flow.
  • Suburban homes – Depending on budget, most suburban homes can afford to wait 3 – 6 months for a good clean. However, some customers wait for an annual clean, however, it has to be remembered that the windows won’t look pristine if they have to wait a year to be cleaned.
Oftentimes, people who clean their own windows will leave the cleaning for longer than the recommended period. This is often because “D.I.Y” window cleaning takes a long time to do. It’s far better to hire professionals such as housewindowcleaning to maximize the value and appearance of your home or investment.

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